As an NHS patient at Sunnyside surgery, you may be approached to participate clinical research.

We use electronic records to perform searches for specific conditions and you may be identified as a potential study candidate by this method. 

The practice sometimes recruits patients for research studies supported by The South West Peninsula Clinical Research Network. All studies have been approved by an NHS Research Ethics Committee. If you are invited to participate in research there is no obligation to do so, and if you decline this will not affect your treatment in any way. Anonymised patient data may be used for research that is in the best interests of patients and the NHS as a whole.

We're excited to share news of our partnership with seasoned NIHR CRN (National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network) experts, seamlessly integrated into our practice team. In the pursuit of advancing medical research, these professionals, alongside our practice team, may access your patient record for pre-consented activities. This involves identifying potential eligibility for research opportunities and supporting recruitment and follow-up for clinical trials. This process operates under the lawful bases of Article 6 (public task) and Article 9 (substantial public interest) of the GDPR. Be assured, that your privacy and data security are rigorously safeguarded. This collaboration also supports NIHR and NHS's pursuit in improving equality to access research. Any eligible individuals will be contacted by the practice, and their consent will be requested before any further processing takes place.


As a practice we are supported in the set up and delivery of this research by experienced NIHR CRN staff who work as part of our practice team. These staff, as part of the practice team, will be able to access your patient record to identify if you would be eligible to participate in research opportunities, support recruitment and follow up activity related to clinical trials.


Mavis Study