Macmillan Champion

Janette McBlane - Macmillan Champion

I have recently undertaken a course to enable me to become a 'Macmillan Champion'  within our surgery.  The course was aimed a deepening my understanding and knowledy of cancer, it's treatments and ongoing care.

"More than 2.5 million people are living with or beyond cancer in the UK, rising to 4 millions by 2030" (Macmillan - "The Rich Picture")

Being diagnosed with cancer has a huge impace on the life of the person diagnosed and the loved ones around them.  There will be lots of questions , worries and concerns about the present and future.

"Four in Five people with cancer affected by the financial impact of cancer"

(Macmillan "The Rich Picture")

The aim of a Macmillan Champion within our surgery is to provide a link person who can help with physical problems that arise and any other questions or issues that occur during or after treatment.

"The proportion of people in the UK who get cancer and who do not die from the disease has an increased by around 70% over the past 20 years"

A Macmillan Champion at Sunnyside will provide you with a person with whom you can share and explore issues and concerns, whatever they may be.  If you would like Janette's support, please contact Reception and book an appointment.