Medical Students

Sunnyside is an approved training practice and occasionally medical students attend the surgery to gain experience in General Practice.  This is carried out under the close supervision of the training GPs Dr Patten and Dr Sampson.

For 2022/23 Sunnyside will be hosting 4 medical students who each will be working at the Practice for 6 weeks over the year.

The GP, nurse or receptionist will notify you if a medical student is observing or taking part in their clinic. Please let the GP or receptionist know if you have any concerns about this.

Jane Nash and Maria Patten were very honoured to receive an award on behalf of Sunnyside Team from The University of Exeter Medical School for 'Excellence and innovation in clinical teaching team award for GP Practices in the Truro locality'

The award was very much presented on the Medical Student's experience of the practice from their first meeting with the reception team, communication and planning, the way they felt included in the team right through to the clinical teaching they received from GPs and Nurses.   We are very proud of this award.